Details of social events to follow:


We hold Play Readings on the first Monday of every month. These are plays we have been recommended or seen advertised and which we could consider putting on ourselves, or we just read them for our own enjoyment. Someone usually volunteers their house for the evening.


We book a number of set building sessions prior to our production, on Saturdays and Sundays at the Hall. The first session necessitates bringing out all the flats, extension boards and props from the huts where we keep our equipment. We then set to work erecting the flats, building staircases or windows then painting and wallpapering. So, along with sewing fabric for curtains, designing props and making endless cups of tea, there is a job for everyone!  

Set Building dates for the for our November production start in October and we will post the dates as soon as confirmed.


All are welcome to come along and help.



Our next production is We Found Love and an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines aboard the SS Farndale Avenue , A comedy by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr  on the 17th, and 18th November 2017. Please see our Home page.

Do come along and enjoy a evening's entertainment with us in November.

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